Book of the Month: Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson

Book Cover of Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson
Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson is my latest craze

Summer is the season of reading good books! The latest book on my side-stand is Marketing Mia. This impressive novel by accomplished artist, Ivan Jenson, came to me through referral of a friend with good taste.

I flipped over the cover of Marketing Mia and found that Jenson lives and writes from New York City. Score! This is the perfect environment for art. As I start reading I find that this novel focuses on two characters: Mia, the model, and Alex, the possible protagonist.

A hedonistic New Yorker, Alex is consumed with himself and his need for success. His dialogue flows with irritating self-talk and anxiety. The character bounces from manic to depressive, with a crazy need for attention. His roller-coaster mentality makes for an exciting storyline.

Alex reminds me of some of the promoters I met in Las Vegas—who focused their lives on being as close to the glitter as possible, because they couldn’t shine. Alex thinks he isn’t lucky yet everything falls in place.

Inside Marketing Mia: A portion of proceeds go to the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan
Inside Marketing Mia: A portion of proceeds go to the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

Marketing Mia keeps you wanting to read: What will happen next? In this world past budgets and rules, anything is possible. There is a skewed sense of time present in Marketing Mia. With marketing, time is money. Things are working quickly in this novel–it is clear that Mia is 21 and needs to be a star now.

Characters are developed, flawed and possibly based on real people. I am curious about the brother, Freddy. Freddy seems stable and has a family. Alex, on the other hand, has neither stability nor family. The two brothers act as foils to one another. The former is somewhat conventional while the latter is a loose cannon who is ruled by passion.  I can’t help but wonder where the parents are for this.

Let’s not forget about the fashion! Dark—fashion is led by monochrome: lady in red, black t shirt. Plain, serious. No “frills.” Utilitarian yet sensual. Fashion always tells a great deal about a story without saying a word.

Jenson wields a traditional, post-modern American style. The writing is free from flowery impressions. Jenson favors functional writing. However dark, there is an undertone of hope and adventure throughout the novel. This book is different from the classics and romances I normally read, in a refreshing way.

Marketing Mia is a novel that is obsessed with sensuality. Not even sex, but the idea of it. From page 1 this is clear. Even the opening lines begin at a topless Starbucks daydream!

One memorable moment makes a point about movies being the closest most men get to a glimpse of a beautiful woman. Maybe this explains why movie sales are down—beautiful women are always available on the Internet.

Book Cover of Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson
Isn’t the cover alluring?

For your own copy, find Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson here


One comment on “Book of the Month: Marketing Mia by Ivan Jenson

  1. I read Marketing Mia twice. There are so many clever lines in the book that it warranted a second read. This is a hilarious book. The characters are a little out there but still realistic. Spend any time in New York and they aren’t so shocking.

    Marketing Mia simultaneously has a dark and light tone. At times while reading, I wondered if the main character Alex is mentally ill, but most of the time I found myself laughing at the situations in the book.

    The book does answer about the parents….somewhere in the first few chapters, but I don’t want to ruin anything for those who haven’t read the book. Glance back through it and you will have an answer.

    Marketing Mia represents what is wrong and right with modern day society. It feels like a light read because it flows smoothly and is so entertaining, but it leaves you thinking about life. It also made me laugh at some of the hopeless and crazy situations we all get into at one time or another.

    Love this book. It’s a classic in the making!

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