Dr. Robert Morse's Herbal Health Club Iridology Clinic in Punta Gorda, FLorida

Meeting Dr. Morse

Dr. Robert Morse's Herbal Health Club Iridology Clinic in Punta Gorda, FLorida
Meeting my health-hero, Dr. Morse ND!

What is a ND?

ND is short for doctor of naturopathy. This is a form of alternative medicine.

As a doctor of naturopathy, or naturopathist, and doctor of biochemistry, Dr. Morse is the world’s leading specialist in revitalizing and regenerating tissues of the body. His International School of Detoxifacation in Punta Gorda, FL focuses on detoxification of cells and fluids, i.e. lymph.

Last week, the school held a 3-day iridology intensive.  Iridology is the middle-eastern science of which areas of the eye correlate to which areas of the body as glands and organs.

Over 75 eager students from across the country spent hours learning every minutiae of the eye.I loved getting to know other students, and I even had the chance to meet Dr. Morse in person!

Dr. Morse’s healing methods can be learned through his private, members only Herbal Health Club. As a private club, it maintains and protects its legal rights when dealing with matters of health.

From Advanced Healing Therapies, “Robert Morse, ND, DSC, ID, MH, is the founder of God’s Herbs in Port Charlotte, Florida. He has lectured and taught in the natural health sciences throughout the world for the past 42  years and has authored many books on health and spirituality. He has appeared on numerous television news programs and international documentaries presenting, case studies, and education on detoxification and cellular regeneration.”

Dr. Morse is one of my health-heroes! Along with Dr. Mimi Wong, Dr. Alyssa Wampole and David Burke, I look up to professionals in the health field who truly make a difference in quality of life. To me, that is someone who teaches others how to improve well-being and connect spiritually.

Personally, my life been improved through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. For example, I am grateful that my personal dis-ease symptoms like scoliosis, acne, and anxiety have gone from degenerative to acute! These annoyances no longer take away from my quality of life.

Now, I am spiritual and have reconnected with creativity. I play violin in the music ministry at Our Savior’s Church, have sold a painting on Etsy, and have been cast in Sugar! the Musical at Cocoa Village Playhouse.

In my opinion, life is best lived vibrantly: with vibrant health, and with a vibrant smile!

Learn more about Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health club, the International School of Detoxification, and iridology by watching his YouTube channel here.



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