Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday–

I have been craving music. Haven’t you?

Oh, Good Friday.

Fri-yay for after work when the responsibility falls asleep and the fun awakens!

One of the first things I do after clocking out is turning on my car radio. The first station keeps Beatles, another Taylor Swift, and another Leona Lewis. Ed Sheeran occasionally hops onto my Pandora if I slip off a commercial-cliff.

The music is good today, so good!

The type of good that you get lost in.

Most days after work, I go straight home (or to Publix for a bite). Today, for Friday, I pass by a pawn shop. This is a secret of mine for music equipment. Shh…

Like I mentioned, I’ve been craving music!

Inside Paradise Pawn, there is a wall of guitars. Three lines of stacked instruments act as living wallpaper. After fitting a sunburst Fender Starcaster and this Les Paul-inspired beauty, I make a decision. The clerk has the hospitality of a Keebler elf and throws in an extra string to replace the broken one.

This must be what having a baby feels like! After weeks of scouring Craigslist and eBay, I finally found my guitar.

Welcome home, baby.

Now that we’re home, I’m using Yousician to teach myself how to play. This is a helpful site for self-teaching. Facebook transferred into my free username. It was ready and set up within 5 minutes. I’m learning–so far I recommend it!

And this is how an ordinary day turned into a Feel Good Friday.  #writefulmindfgf


4 comments on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I feel good already on Thursday, tomorrow is Friday guess will be ecstatic. I like your versatility. They way you play with words like musical notes. You hem in and out of subtle imaginations. My eye just blinked once while reading this blog. Great creativity. Good job


    • I like to play with the rhythms of words, thank you for noticing!! Prose and rhetoric are some of my favorite areas to study. I write a lot of poetry and am looking to combine that with harmonies to make music. What are some of your favorite books/movies?


  2. I write poetry, commentaries and Blog on Motivation. Am also coming up with my first Gospel Album in my Native language. My favourite Author is Ngūgi Wa Thiong’o, (grain of wheat, Devil on the cross, petals of blood, moving the center.among many titles.) Chinua Achebe (The Concubine) Mejja Mwangi novels like “Kill me quick”. I also read documentaries of Prof. Ali Mazrui. Taylor Caldwell (A Pillar of Iron)Another inspiring book I keep reading is the Bible. Now am reading Aaron James theory Ass-holes and Mark Batterson I a Pit with a Lion on a snow day a motivational spiritual book.


    • Sam, you have a deep appreciation–I am moved! Some of your favorite authors I am unfamiliar with. However, I have read and love Chua Achebe and Mark Batterson. Thank you for your faith. I’m also reading the Bible. It always has something no matter how many times the pages turn. I’m taking this blog a new direction and featuring a piece of poetry each week. Blessings


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