Reason to Believe

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Reason to Believe today is dedicated to Glenn Frey, Eagles founding member and guitarist. Frey passed away from “Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and pneumonia,” read the statement released from the band’s website.

Have you ever heard Hotel California? Sometimes I get down about life and want to settle out, but then I connect with a great song and begin to sing. Hotel California is one of those sweet therapies for me. This song brings me back to high school when I was discovering Latin Literature and mythologies–as it was supposedly inspired by a goddess who entraps men, Electra perhaps.

The epic opening chords rift with passion and nostalgia. The imperfect, real timbre shines with a 70’s rose-glow. The afro reminds us of a freer time.

Even in the 70’s, they were reminiscing “back in ’69.” Let’s take this as a message that things appear to be more pleasant when they are in the rearview mirror. That way they are experienced, observed and separated from the chaos.

I want this to be a message that our chaos today is the beauty of tomorrow. And that’s reason to believe we should keep on driving in the fast lane.



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