Love painting with garnet and gold acrylic on canvas and hearts.

New Year, New Art! #1

Happy New Year! If 2016 is anything like 2015, we are in for a fabulous time.

My life took a 180 in 2015. I moved from Las Vegas, published as a wellness researcher, and spent a month in Iceland! It feels like changes are happening.

One of the best ways to embrace change and start the new year is with a resolution. What is yours? My resolution is to express more: more art, more love, more life!

To make a general goal happen, I am making a plan. My plan is to paint twice a month. At the end of this month, Dig art exhibit in Orlando is going to display my work! This will be an exciting moment for me.

Week one begins now – January 1st.

This is Love! And like love, it’s a combination of how things are and how you want them to be.

A little bit messy, a whole lotta lovely.



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