Winter Garden

Have you ever been to Winter Garden?

In Winter Garden, I met with NYC photographer Ehsan — known as Essy. We coordinated a shoot at a botanical garden from a search online. It was the first at the garden for both of us.

Essy and I met at the garden gate. I could tell from his cool Converse sneakers and solid-t shirt that he was a serious photographer. This was going to be a memorable shoot!

We got to know each other through some small talk. Essy and I had both been in NYC a few weeks before for fashion week. We bonded over memories of favorite city restaurants.

After finding some spots along the garden and deciding on wardrobe, I styled natural hair and earth-tone makeup for a look that was finished but not out of place for being outside. I used a 1-inch curling iron for soft curls, and the Urban Decay Naked palette for my eyes.

We found that we both were inspired by Kate Moss. I took my Rock & Republic indigo jeans and added a black leather jacket to emulate her “I’m with the band” attitude.

Essy worked his magic with the camera. He guided me through poses that fit the backdrop. We spent the whole afternoon moving from spot to spot in the garden. Each area had a new purpose and feel.

Combining style, pose, light, and angle unites the image to give it an overall feel. When an image makes you feel something, it becomes memorable. It becomes art.

You know when you meet someone who makes you believe in what you love? Essy one of the most talented photographers I have worked with. I am discerning and only want to shoot with the best–I would shoot with him any day. He pushes himself creatively, which inspires me as a model.

As a team, you are inspiring one another and feeding off that creative energy. Those effects focus into a still image or moment in time.

This expressive artistry and teamwork is what I love most about modeling and creating! It makes me feel alive. When you feel alive as an artist, that feeling is captured and transferred through the medium to other eyes.

Art the single point of exchange in two-way communication. It is what we need to say and what we need to hear.

As they say: art inspires life, and life inspires art. I hope this inspires you!



Photos (c) Ehsan Photography



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