Sunday Soup

One of my favorite memories from Iceland was eating soup with the yoga-fam at Glo organic kitchen! With the frosty temperatures and blankets of snow, flavorful soup was the perfect winter fix to keep up warm.

Now that I’m in Florida, I don’t have the snow to bring about the season. The sunshine state is bikini-ready year-round! However, you can make soup in any kitchen of the world.

Today I am heating up Wolfgang Puck’s organic butternut squash soup with a side of jasmine rice.

This can was dormant in the corner of my cupboard. With its festive orange palette, Mr. Puck’s soup looks like the kind of thing that was left-behind with the good intentions of being a Thanksgiving favorite.

For its side, I am heating up a pot of organic white jasmine rice. This rice was grown in Texas. I have used it before and love the way it turns out when a dollop of coconut oil is added to the boiling pot. This adds a flavor more pleasing and subtle than that of olive oil.

If you cook them in separate pots on one stove at the same start time, the soup will finish cooking before the rice does.  Rice takes 15 – 20 minutes while the soup is ready in 5 – 10. To solve this problem, I put the soup on when the rice was half-done. Then I covered the soup pot with a lid, and let it simmer on low so that it would stay warm.

The flavor of this meal was hearty and sweet. I tasted a lot of creaminess – and while I didn’t have an initial reaction, I now remember that I never actually checked if this soup was actually vegan.

Honestly, this might not be vegan. This is a common catchup in cooking things where you don’t have direct control over all the ingredients, as you would in a properly grown raw fruit or vegetable. Sometimes, like with Caesar dressing, a dish has ingredients that aren’t obvious.

Anyway, forgiveness is a valuable virtue when maintaining a strict diet. It is important to know that while we might not be perfect, we are trying our best.



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