Thanksgiving 2016

Two years ago today, a stranger invited me to an “epic” Thanksgiving party at a poker-players house. It was raw vegan food–something unfamiliar to me at the time!

We indulged in 14 courses from apple pie to pizza. Everything was delicious, except one side dish that was too healthy for me at the time! This was my first time having probiotic enzymes, a community in Las Vegas, and reading Nutrition for the Spiritual Warrior.

Nutrition for the Spiritual Warrior is the guidebook to life that everyone should be given. After reading it dozens of times, there are still new things in it that I learn. I read a lot, but this book with its personally signed message to me is one of my favorite memories.

This day and these new friends ended up reinvigorating my life. I am so thankful that these changes have lasted, and that I was together with these beautiful souls two years later.

Here I am Sending thanks from Iceland, on the path of wellness, with a little lentils and a lot of love.


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