Adventures in Reyjkavic

P1050700.jpgEnjoying the waterfall! The chilly air felt clean, clear and fresh.


A candid shot of our yoga instructor finding his own perspective. He is a 6x gold-medal champion in yoga!


What the world looks like from behind a waterfall! This is one of the only places you can find this view. I don’t remember how to spell the name at the moment, but learned it ended in –foss for waterfall!

This adventure in Iceland has been the journey of a lifetime! I love learning about Hinduism, Ayurveda and Yog (the tradition of yoga) from our guru, Suniel.

Each day, our small international group of students indulges in spirituality and well-being through physical practices, mind-challenges, and meditation.

When meditation ends, it is like waking up from the best nap of your life! We get to this state by actively applying all of our energy and trying our best. I’ve found that my mind will tell me “I can’t” as a protection; but when I believe, I can.

Best wishes & blessings.




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