Amazon Founder Delivers Infinity and Beyond

  1. imageAmazon founder Jeff Bezos invests $200 million into his space exploration program Blue Origin.

Originally from Miami, Bezos is keeping the company in Florida. Florida beat out four other states in a bid to host Blue Origin. Cape Canaveral, already home to Kenny Space Center and NASA, is a fitting location for the new frontier.

Founded in 2000, Blue Origin gets it’s name from the existential idea that we are all of blue origin. According to billionaire Bezos, the mission is more of an experience and quest for knowledge than an overt profit-machine.

“I always tell people, if my only goal were to make money, I would just open a new kind of snack food company,” says Bezos to Yahoo!

We can plan to see Bezos and other adventurers in sustainable rockets to space soon. Would you travel into the final frontier? To infinity and beyond!


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