Santana approves!

Tasting Wild Poppy Organic Peppermint Lemonade

Santana approves!
Santana approves!

Wild Poppy Organic Peppermint Lemonade

The Wild Poppy Organic Peppermint Lemonade caught my eye from the Fresh & Easy drink cooler. This brand was comfortably nestled among colorful kombuchas, natural almond milks, and flavored coconut waters. Flavors like Blood Orange Chili, Grapefruit Ginger, and Peach Vanilla made me excited to try Wild Poppy! Before my first sip I was enchanted by the simplicity, organic promise, and Californian charm.

The lemonade was a pretty, natural color with fresh lemon gathered at the bottom. I picked up the recycled glass bottle and swirled it around a few times in my hand. The glass bottle felt chilled and refreshing. I twisted off the silver top and took my first chilled sip.

Refreshing—the Peppermint Lemonade was delightful and well balanced! It has a great first impression with a pleasant aftertaste. I was happy that the juice was not overpowered on either end of the flavor spectrum. There was not too much sweet peppermint or tangy lemonade flavor.

Overall this drink is delicious! The taste reminds me of the yummy peppermint taste of those puffy, retro red and white stripe mints my grandfather used to give me after a Florida rainstorm. These high-quality ingredients shine through in flavor.

Wild Poppy Organic Peppermint Lemonade is made with filtered water, and all organic ingredients. Four separate items combine into a flavorful symphony. Lemon juice and peppermint oil are sweetened with agave while the clean juice is all-natural. Nothing artificial and nothing from concentrate.

For this reason, I’m using Wild Poppy Peppermint Lemonade as a tasty, soothing substitute in master cleanse. The light flavor combination is more like springtime evening while the cayenne master cleanse is a hot summer. I would drink this lemonade to help calm an upset stomach, as peppermint is naturally soothing and beautiful.

Nice, natural juice and bottle from Wild Poppy.
Nice, natural juice and recycled bottle from Wild Poppy.

At 10 fl. oz., the bottle is a comfortable size. I think 8 oz. would be too small and I am glad that there is enough of the liquid to enjoy. One bottle is one serving, so we aren’t misled into drinking upward of 30 grams of sugar like in some coconut waters or other processed beverages.

This drink was made in Los Angeles, California. Wild Poppy basically bottles all of the sunny state’s natural charm. I could see myself drinking this natural lemonade outside with great weather and great company. It is well suited for a day at the beach or a picturesque picnic! Because of the natural, light flavors I would drink this with a light lunch. Something like spinach salad made with strawberry champagne vinaigrette and walnuts would be a lovely pairing.

Wild Poppy features an eye-catching newsletter print label with simple design. A Pretty peach poppy logo blooms between fonts. The unobstructed design leaves my focus on a shining product. In this case, Wild Poppy’s understated simplicity sets this brand apart in a sea of plastics and hungry logos.

I feel like I’m fresh off the farmer’s market even though I’m at the grocery store. At $2.99 for 10 fl oz., I will be looking forward to picking up the next bottle of Wild Poppy organic “liquid goodness” as a small, lovely instant trip to California.

For more information on Wild Poppy go to


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