The divine Chipotle at Baguette Cafe.

The Best Baguette in Las Vegas

The divine Chipotle at Baguette Cafe.
Enjoying the divine Chipotle at Baguette Cafe.

I have been hearing buzz about Baguette Cafe for some time now and finally tried it out myself! I’ve heard amazing things about the authentic baguettes from traditional French baking methods and fresh ingredients, the passionate owner, and the relaxing atmosphere. Sounds like a winning combination! Finally, I got a chance to check out Baguette Cafe.

While running around Las Vegas, lunch time came around. I swiped open my phone and realized Baguette Cafe was the closest “vegan” destination on Yelp. Every food site from the Review Journal to Tripadvisor to Foursquare rated Baguette Cafe four stars or over. Wow. The recommendations and pictures were convincing! I was ready to try something new so I found and followed the directions to this hidden gem. Baguette Cafe was located in a sunny business complex off Sunset and Durango.

On my first trip to Baguette Cafe I was not sure what to order. The hefty menu was handwritten on a creative chalkboard overhead display. It was organized with breakfast items on the left and sandwiches on the right. My mouth probably dropped to the floor with all the yummy delights.

Next, the attendant guided me through the creative chalkboard menu and helped me find all the vegan options. She gave lovely recommendations with what was popular and let me modify the Chipotle panini with eggplant instead of portobello. Having been a server myself, I appreciate her lack of eye-rolling at a substitution.

Below the main menu, there were lots of cafe drinks to choose from. The signature coffees and teas were alluring with flavors like caramel biscuit frappe. Baguette Cafe brews Illy so I immediately trusted the coffee. I ended up going with a refreshing, fairly priced real coconut water. Coconut water for less than $5? Be still my heart!

I found a great, clean table and listened to the happy radio while checking emails. Everyone here looked happy. The music was bright while natural light flowed through the windows. If it hadn’t been 100+ Vegas melting heat, I would have taken advantage of the adorable outside seating! Baguette Cafe was truly a peaceful corner of the earth. There was even a plant on my table to keep me company! Within minutes, a friendly server brought my sandwich to the pleasant table.

Caramelized onions, eggplant, and Love as only the French can do!
Caramelized onions, eggplant, and Food Love as only the French can do.

First, let’s tackle the baguette. It is Baguette Cafe, after all! I don’t normally indulge in bread but this was not merely bread. This baguette was baked Love as only the French can do. It had a perfectly crisp outside that was not at all overcooked and a soft, warm, fluffy middle. I can’t believe it didn’t need butter! 

Bite, bite, bite! I loved how much flavor the warm panini had. The succulent eggplant melted together with infused oils, and was scooped up beautifully by the baguette. I thought that the colorful sauce was bold but not too spicy. There was a bed of romaine lettuce with light dressing paired to the side.

My self control was tested by the baguette. I had the good intention of eating half of the Chipotle panini and saving the other half for later…but that didn’t happen! Maybe next time?

After eating the best baguette in Las Vegas, I was leaving and met the legendary Olivier just outside the front double doors. Turns out Olivier is vegan! I love when the people behind restaurants have that kind of first-hand experience because they know how to create a sensitive menu for all tastebuds. I can trust that something really is vegan when the person behind the food is. Olivier gave me a big hug, smile and news of more vegan baked goods (muffins, etc.) to come!

Baguette Cafe is a crave-worthy spot I’m willing to go out of the way for. Ooh la la!


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