International Time Psychologist Jonte Vowinckel

The Present is Always Now: Jonte Vowinckel Interview

International Time Psychologist Jonte Vowinckel
International Time Psychologist Jonte Vowinckel

In these series we bring you individual stories about the members of the International Time Perspective Network, what is it that they are passionate about, how they bring their ideas to life, and what role time perspective plays in their lives.

We hope that you’ll be inspired by the many aspects of the concept of time, share our fascination and join the dialogue!

International Time Perspective Network | Diversity of Approaches, Unity of Passion

How did you find out about Time Perspective, Time Perspective Network and about Warsaw Conference?

When I was searching for a subject for my BA thesis in 2011, a friend of mine, who has actually no background in academic psychology, told me about time perspective (TP) theory. I looked it up and was hooked instantly.

I remember that I just missed the deadline for submission for the time perspective conference in Coimbra and also I didn’t have the money to come. I found this a pity and so, already back in 2012 I knew that I would join the next TP conference and not miss it again.

What are your impressions about the Conference? What was of most interest to you?

I was quite excited to meet all the TP researchers in real-life and my expectations that people who devote their time to such fascinating stuff are probably inspiring, openhearted and the opposite of boring were confirmed for pretty much everyone I interacted with. I was deeply inspired by many conversations and talks.

What impressed me most was seeing Phil Zimbardo dancing at the party as if he was 23.

Full interview available here.

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