Styling traditional Afar clothing.

Filming Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus

Styling traditional Afar clothing.
Styling traditional Afar clothing for a documentary recreation scene.

You know what kind of music Eritreans like best?

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. Love songs. Michael Bolton and Bob Marley. Just like you and me.
From a weekend of filming Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus I learned they have been through more than a lifetime of hardship, yet carry forward with strength and love.

They are mechanics and nurses, taking a skill and mastering it. Learning three languages and speaking them.

They support their families, can live at home until marriage, and have a handful of brothers and sisters.

They are religious and spiritual, more compassionate than extreme. They will make sure you eat your hearts desire, with your right hand, at the community table.

They cheer on Messi during soccer, just like my boyfriend and his friends.

They take pictures of memories and post things to Facebook.

Eritreans have seen the world’s terrors, but still believe that there is more to smile about than there is to cry about. They believe in peace, and in the overwhelming good in people.

We are all one.  One world. #OneLove #EritreanExodusRefugee: The Eritrean Exodus a documentary by Tailor Made Media.

Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus documentary by Tailor Made Media

Synopsis: Follow Chris Cotter, an American traveler, as he follows a common migration path through Ethiopia and into Israel, tracking the plight of Eritrean refugees. Chris and his crew visit several refugee camps, including the never-before-documented Afar region. The refugees tell stories of oppression, torture, and survival. Searching for solutions, Chris speaks to various NGOs and experts, including Assistant Secretary of State, Anne Richard. The outlook is bleak, but the spirit of the Eritrean refugees is hard to ignore.



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