Victoria’s Secret London 2014 Showcases Billboard’s Best Artists


Music always plays a large part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Billboard toppers Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Fergie have performed in the past. Some of the sizzling show’s most notable moments have synched with musical collaborations. For example, the Adam Levine/Angel smooch stunned audiences and warmed hearts.

London 2014 will be no exception. Victoria’s Secret officially announced that we will hear vegan vixen Ariana Grande, coy crooner Ed Sheeran, New York spokesperson Taylor Swift and heartthrob Hozier. Rumor has it Taylor will wear a British-flag emblazoned ensemble.

We can only hope Ed will trade his comfy cotton t-shirt for some Swarovski-studded theme wear. Like his Homeless lyrics lament:

“Don’t control what I’m into / London Calls me a stranger.”

One of the questions we asked Alessandra Ambrosio was to which songs she wanted to strut on the runway this year! The alluring Angel has been spotted at Coachella and lit up at the question.

Who would you like to accompany you when the cameras roll and the world is watching? While the full fashion show details are wrapped tightly with pink silk bows, we can’t help but imagine that Fantasy.


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs December 9 on CBS.


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