Lorde Rules Las Vegas


Lorde returned to Las Vegas at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel September 30th, 2014. Doors opened at 8 p.m. to the raw emotional sounds of Majical Cloudz, a Canadian duo dressed in the distressed t-shirt and jeans rock star uniform.

Songstress Lorde was at home on the famed stage. She made a sweet remark about how the Kings of Leon had performed where she was standing. Her genuine innocence is as refreshing as her organic dance moves! Lorde did not disappoint, letting herself loose with the music and her signature untamed mane.

The crowd was entranced by beautiful music the whole night. Some light special effects, like a fog machine, surrounded a new Kanye West cover. All the favorites from the Pure Heroine album were included with Royals saved for the final third of the show. Despite the song’s lovable lyrics, we all put our hands up in the air for Lorde.


4 comments on “Lorde Rules Las Vegas

    • I think Royals was a brilliant choice for single. Didn’t care for the music video the first time I saw it, probably because I expected something more MTV, but then I came to absolutely love it and how she stays true to herself. The moment when she looks up at the camera/audience is perfection. Ribs is in my top 5 songs–the sincere lyrics, story and musicality come together so well. Yellow Flicker Beat has a badass femme fatal “watch what I do next” feel it 🙂 the lyrics showcase a unique, relatable way to describe recording/creating. I think Lorde is amazing. It seems like she isn’t going to let anything bring her down, which might make her retire early. Really exciting artist. Also like how you mention Ed Sheeran in your blog! I saw him at the bilboard music awards with Taylor swift before anyone wanted his picture. He looked off into the audience and soaked it all in with a shy smile. He’s one of my favorites.


      • I didn’t hear Royals until it got really big but yeah the video is simplistic I think to suit the nature of the song i.e the lyrics. Ribs has grown on me – but my ultimate fave is Buzzcut Season with White Teeth Teens being really good too. I just think the hole album is superb. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Yellow Flicker Beat atm maybe if I listen to it more I will. I was ob-sess-ed with Ed Sheeran pre-first album and then I just started listening to him less and less (no particular reason) it just kinda happened; I spotified his new album though and I love Thinking Out Loud. I think it would be great to see him live though, he’s just so talented – you should check out his video for You Need Me on SBTV (on youtube) – that’s what really made me a fan back in the day.

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